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About us

The Atlantic Science Links Association (ASLA) is a charitable science promotion organization which coordinates outreach programs for students in grades primary to twelve. ASLA's mission is to bridge the gap between the scientific community, schools and the public by:

  • facilitating visits and activities by volunteer scientists, engineers and technologists to schools and public venues
  • providing supporting advice, information and materials to teachers and to volunteering visitors that will enable them to effectively promote science and technology awareness and interest
  • providing an appropriate referral service for teachers and the public to interested scientists, engineers and technologists

    Scientists and Innovators in the Schools (SITS) is a predominantly volunteer-driven educational program with a mandate to create sustainable relationships between our science and education communities in order to provide Nova Scotia's young people with experiences and opportunities to explore the sciences. We hope to inspire them as they are developing key attitudes toward science and technology and are beginning to think about careers in these fields.

    More about SITS

    Teachers have been making use of the resources provided by SITS since 1989. What began as a small group of scientists fielding requests for presentations from the public and schools has grown into an organization that reaches hundreds of schools and thousands of students every year.

    �� Bringing presenters into the school is a wonderful addition to the curriculum. We need to do this more often! ��

For teachers

Find out about our Speakers' Bureau, the Ask-A-Scientist program, the Climate Change Action Pack, and other services we offer that can make science in your classroom even more exciting! Click here.

For scientists & innovators

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of our programs, including the Speakers' Bureau, mentoring, or science fair judging, click here!

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